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The birth of memory foam can be traced back to 1962 the U.S. Space Agency (NASA) a study design: Apollo command cabin escape system, this material has been developed on the spacecraft's seat, to absorb in the rocket (spacecraft) takeoff and spacecraft to return to the atmosphere, some unexpected situation (such as falling) huge impact to the astronauts caused the force, and to improve the protection of the seat of the astronauts and comfort. Because the memory cotton was originally born in the United States space agency, it is also often made into space memory cotton, meaning from the technology of the United States space agency. The technology was first mentioned in the US space agency's report "Human Survival in Aircraft Emergencies". The author of this report is the inventor of memory memory, Charles Yost, an engineer who worked in NASA at that time. In the 2005 NASA Spinoff document "NASA Spinoff" 2005, we described the origin of memory and the development and application of technology in the past decades.